How To Make Your Reed Last Longer?

Make your saxophone reed last longer by using a reed guard or reed case. By storing your reed carefully, you can extend the life of your reed and save a lot of money! 

Storing your reed on your mouthpiece or loose in the instrument case will make it more likely that your reed will get chipped or damaged. The clear plastic cases that they’re packaged in are not advisable to use as reed case because it will just create mold. Using a reed guard or reed case to store the reed safely will prevent the reeds from warping and keep it dry.

Reeds are typically expected to last for around 1 to 2 weeks. Playing that one same reed everyday will wear out the reed faster. This is why it's suggested to have multiple good reeds. When you find your good reeds, try keeping them on a rotating method. If you one good reed today, use a different good reed tomorrow, and a different one for the next day. Just like the players, reeds also need to rest.

Every time you soak your reed in your mouth, make sure that your mouth is CLEAN. Dirty saliva will create bacteria that will contaminate your reeds. Humidity also affects the reed. It is better to store it in an environment with 50% humidity. This is where a humidity-controlling reed case is optimal for expanding the life of a reed.

Finding a good reed is hard. Some players actually search for good reeds by buying lots of boxes of reeds and picking and choosing the best ones that work for their instrument. If you've finally found a good reed among all the other reeds from the box, you might be thinking on how to make it last longer.