What Are Reeds Made Out Of?

Yes! Reeds are made out of cane. Arundo Donax or Giant Cane, a member of the grass family, is used to make cane reeds. Reeds are not made out of bamboo.

Reeds are not only made of cane. There are synthetic reeds made of composite materials designed to last longer than natural cane reeds. Comparing the two materials used, reeds from cane can produce a more appealing sound compared to the synthetic reed. Synthetic reeds have become popular in recent years because they can last longer than natural cane reeds.

There are pros and cons when comparing natural and synthetic reeds. Cane reeds allow the player to have a good sense of control over the sound. Also, most players feel the sound is warmer. Since cane reed is a natural material, there will be no two reeds exactly the same and the quality of the reeds will vary. There will be a lot of boxes of reeds to try before you could find the perfect quality reed that will suit you. It means that there will always be that one single reed from the box that doesn’t go with you and your instrument so you end up throwing it away and use another one. On the other hand, synthetic reeds are consistent. The sound will vary among brands but within that brand, the performance will be the same. Also, synthetic reeds do not warp and they do not need to be soaked before playing. They are not affected by temperature and humidity. Some players prefer using them because they are more durable compared to cane reeds.

What reeds are made of may vary but it will always be the woodwind instrument player who can identify what works best for them. It is necessary to understand the differences and the benefits of each material to know what will be best for you.