Protect Your Mouthpiece with Rico Reserve Patches

Protect Your Mouthpiece with Rico Reserve Patches

🎷 Protect Your Mouthpiece with Rico Reserve Patches 🎷
Let's dive into the world of mouthpiece patches, and in particular, the options offered by Rico Reserve. They provide both clear and black patches, and the key difference lies in their thickness.


Clear Patches - Thin and Precise

If you prefer a thinner mouthpiece patch with minimal cushion, the clear option is for you. Clear patches have a thickness of 0.35 millimeters, providing just enough protection to keep your mouthpiece in great condition. They're ideal for players who want a precise connection with their mouthpiece.

Black Patches - Extra Padding

On the other hand, the black patches offer a bit more cushion. They have a thickness of 0.80 millimeters, providing extra comfort and padding between your teeth and the mouthpiece. If you seek a more relaxed playing experience, the black patches are the way to go.

rico clear patch
rico padded patch

Which One Is Right for You?

Not sure which thickness to choose? We recommend trying both and switching them out until you find your perfect match. These mouthpiece patches are not just about protection; they're also about enhancing your comfort while playing. Plus, they help preserve your mouthpiece, preventing those grooves created by your upper teeth.


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With Rico Reserve mouthpiece patches, you can protect your mouthpiece and play in comfort. Find the thickness that suits your style and elevate your playing experience.



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