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Vandoren Mouthpiece, Standard - Bb Clarinet

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THE jazz mouthpiece. Tip opening: 1.47mm. Facing length: Long. Black Ebonite. Designed to provide more flexibility. See the drop down for the different standard mouthpieces offered.
Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces have defined the ideal clarinet sound for decades. With impeccable intonation, crisp and accurate articulation, and unrivaled response, Vandoren clarinet mouthpieces are preferred by professional clarinetists around the world. Cap and Ligature sold separately. 5JB Standard: A very open tip, long facing, the jazz mouthpiece. Tip opening: 1.47 mm Facing length: Long Tuned to A=442 5RV Standard: The time-proven standard for professional musicians. Tip opening: 1.065 mm Facing length: Medium short Tuned to A=442 5RV Lyre Standard: More open than the 5RV with a longer facing. Tip opening: 1.09+mm. Facing length: Medium. Tuned to A=442 B40 Standard: Designed to use soft reeds without sacrificing the sound quality of a stronger reed (centered and compact). Same facing as the B45 with a wider tip rail, it produces a compact and centered sound. Tip opening: 1.195 mm Facing length: Medium long Tuned to A=442 B40 Lyre Standard: The perfect blend between a round sound and rich tone color. Easy blowing, especially in the upper register. Tip opening: 1.175mm. Facing length: Long Tuned to A=442 B45 Standard: The universal mouthpiece. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, it is appreciated by most clarinetists. Tip opening: 1.195mm. Facing length: Medium-Long. Tuned to A=442 B45 Dot Standard: Same technical characteristics as the B45 with a great blowing ease. Tip opening: 1.195mm. Facing length: Medium-Long. Tuned to A=442 B45 Lyre Standard: Characterized by a particularly large tip opening, it offers a flexible, round sound while being easy blowing. Tip opening: 1.27mm. Facing length: Medium-Long. Tuned to A=442 B46 Standard: The mouthpiece best suited to musicians doubling on clarinet and saxophone. Tip opening: 1.17+mm. Facing length: Medium. Tuned to A=442 M15 Standard: Great articulation ease. Offers musicians a colorful spectrum of sound. Tip opening: 1.035 mm Facing length: Long Tuned to A=442 M13: Offers many of the characteristics of older American mouthpieces which are so widely sought after. Permits easy blowing with harder reeds and produces a rich, dar, centered sound. Response is particularly sensitive. Tip opening: 1.005 mm Facing length: Long M30 Standard: It's facing length gives it great flexibility and a good balance between timbre and roundness. Tip opening: 1.15mm. Facing length: Long. Tuned to A=442
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