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Fibracell Tenor Saxophone PREMIER

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Fibracell tenor sax reeds are long lasting and consistent from reed to reed. 1 reed

Fibracell tenor sax reeds are made of a sophisticated composite of aerospace materials designed to exactly duplicate the way nature constructs cane reed. This composite reed material has characteristics comparable to natural cane reed in its stiffness, specific gravity, decay factor, overtones, stiffness-to-weight ratio, color and appearance. It is the unique combination of the above properties that allows the natural cane reed to vibrate with a rich tonal quality. These qualities are emulated in Fibracell’s unique composite structure with the additional features of strength, long lasting durability and a consistency of quality not found in nature. New state-of-the-art cutting and grading techniques now allow availability not only in the original 5 strength, but even more specific Fibracell Premier 10 strength reeds, in order to fill the need of a wider range of players. 1 reed

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