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D'Addario EXP Coated Pro-Arté, Classical Guitar Strings

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An extra long lasting classical guitar string made with EXP coating

This is a great set of hard tension classical guitar guitar strings for the beginner or advanced player. Special EXP coating ensures maximum string life! Guages: E 0.0285 B 0.0327 G 0.0410 D 0.029 A 0.036 E 0.046 More about EXP Strings: An ultra-fine layer of EXP Coating is bonded to the silverplated copper wrap wire which is then wound onto a multi-filament core. The result is a built-in barrier against the corrosion and wear that can quickly sap the life out of your strings and your sound. EXP coated silverplated copper classical strings have a natural round wound feel and sound fresh and bright with a "new string tone" that lasts three to four times longer than traditional guitar strings.

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