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Rascher Mouthpiece, Tenor Saxophone

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Modeled after Adolphe Sax's mouthpiece sketch on his patent letter, all Rascher saxophone mouthpieces match in proportions. They are an exact replica of the mouthpiece that Sigurd Rascher has used since he began concertizing. 

" This mouthpiece is offered with only one facing. This is neither an oversight or matter of economy. It is a result of countless experiments with professionals and students. The facing of a mouthpiece can be changed to favor most aspects of playing, such as high register, low register, brilliance, volume, easy response, etc. But any such favor must be bought with a proportionate decrease in some other characteristic. This tends to produce an unbalanced tone quality. And because experiments on mouthpieces during the last few decades were aimed at increased brilliance and certain "edge" in the tone, the main loser in the bargain was the tone's expressive beauty."  -Sigurd M. Rascher

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