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Cleaning Swab for Clarinet or Flute

Cleaning Swab for Clarinet or Flute

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Clarinet & Flute Cleaning Swab: Preserve and Protect

Keep your clarinet or flute in pristine condition with our specialized instrument cleaning swab. Carefully designed for maximum moisture absorption, this swab offers superior protection for your instrument. Its ultra-absorbent microfiber material ensures quick drying, preventing potential damage.

The extended cord tail features a weighted end, making the swab easy to guide through your instrument's delicate components. Cleaning and washing the swab is a breeze, ensuring consistent maintenance.

Choose the Small Instrument Swab, measuring 7.75"x7.75", for flutes, clarinets, and other small instruments. Elevate your care routine and safeguard your musical investment with this essential tool.

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