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Henri Selmer Paris - Jazz Flow Mouthpiece for Alto Sax

Henri Selmer Paris - Jazz Flow Mouthpiece for Alto Sax

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Available Openings: 5 and 7

The JAZZ FLOW mouthpiece, drawing inspiration from legendary models that have shaped jazz history, brings exceptional versatility to the table. With a focus on rich sound, musical depth, and remarkable flexibility, this mouthpiece is a tribute to the essence of jazz.

Offered in two openings, the JAZZ FLOW mouthpiece ensures optimal comfort and the freedom to express oneself across various music genres, including jazz, electro, pop, world, funk, and more.

Crafted in the renowned Henri SELMER Paris workshops in France, this high-quality ebonite mouthpiece undergoes 30 crucial quality checks, establishing it as a reliable choice for the most discerning musicians.

As a special offer, when you purchase this mouthpiece through our website, you will receive a ligature as a complimentary gift. Elevate your saxophone experience with the JAZZ FLOW mouthpiece – where tradition meets contemporary expression.

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