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La Voz Bass Clarinet Reeds

La Voz Bass Clarinet Reeds

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La Voz Bass Clarinet reeds Crafted from premium cane for consistent response and playability, La Voz is the choice of professional saxophone and clarinet players. Unfiled for a deep, powerful tone, La Voz is the reed of choice for many of the worlds top musicians. Available in boxes of 5.

Jazz musicians consistently choose La Voz Bass Clarinet reeds for their powerful tone and flexibility. These reeds are crafted with D'Addario's engineered reed-making technology, featuring a well-balanced profile and stronger spine to provide you with a full tone, no matter your playing style.

Unfiled reed for powerful tone Premium cane for consistent response Available for clarinets and saxophones Available in strengths Soft to Hard, boxes of 5.

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