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Rico Regular Baritone Saxophone Reeds - Bari Sax

Rico Regular Baritone Saxophone Reeds - Bari Sax

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Rico Regular Baritone Saxophone Reeds - Bari Sax

Unleash the full potential of your baritone saxophone with the renowned Rico Regular Baritone Saxophone Reeds by D'Addario. These reeds are cherished by musicians worldwide for their exceptional attributes:

  • Unfiled Precision: Featuring an unfiled cut, thinner profile, and blank, these reeds are designed for effortless response, catering to both students and seasoned jazz musicians.
  • Educator's Choice: Revered by educators globally, Rico reeds are the ideal choice for students, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
  • Jazz Favorite: Jazz musicians adore these reeds for their responsiveness and versatility across various playing styles.
  • Consistent Excellence: D’Addario’s state-of-the-art machinery and reed-making process guarantee unparalleled consistency in every Rico reed.
  • New Package, Same Excellence: Enjoy the same exceptional reeds in a new packaging.

Key Highlights:

  • Student-Friendly: Crafted for ease of play, making them perfect for students.
  • Affordable Quality: Priced affordably for educators and parents, delivering outstanding quality without exceeding your budget.
  • Wide Compatibility: Available for a full range of clarinets and saxophones, ensuring a precise fit for your instrument.
  • Versatile Packaging: Offered in 3-reed packs, 10-reed boxes, and 25-reed dispensers to accommodate your preferences.

Rediscover the joy of playing with Rico Regular Baritone Saxophone Reeds - Bari Sax, where tradition meets modernity, exclusively at Reeds For Less.


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