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D'Addario Royal Reeds, Tenor Saxophone Reeds

D'Addario Royal Reeds, Tenor Saxophone Reeds

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Rico Royal Reeds, Tenor Saxophone Reeds

Unleash the regal sound of your tenor saxophone with Rico Royal Reeds, now available for your musical journey at Reeds For Less.

These reeds epitomize excellence with their remarkable features:

  • French-Filed Precision: Embrace a more traditional French filed cut for heightened response, particularly in the low register.
  • Clarity Amplified: Experience enhanced clarity in tone and smoother soft attacks, transforming your performance dynamics.
  • Versatile Brilliance: Ideal for both classical and jazz genres, catering to a wide range of musical applications.
  • Consistent Resonance: Crafted from premium cane, these tenor sax reeds deliver consistent and reliable response.

Elevate your tenor sax's voice with Rico Royal Reeds, where tradition harmonizes with innovation, now available for you at Reeds For Less.

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