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Yamaha Mouthpiece, Alto Clarinet

Yamaha Mouthpiece, Alto Clarinet

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Yamaha Mouthpiece 4C, Alto Clarinet

Yamaha has prepared an array of top-quality woodwind mouthpieces to meet the musical requirements of players at every level of proficiency in every genre. Yamaha mouthpieces are made of plastic or hard rubber. Both are designed to produce a well-balanced tone with all the flexibility the player requires. The 4C has a moderately narrow sized tip opening. Narrow tip openings provide consistent intonation and easy response, generating a good, clear tone. Yamaha mouthpieces are designed in consideration of tip openings and facing lengths, and are combined with an appropriate throat size, chamber size and shape, baffle shape and angle, bore size, window size, and facing curve depth. An inspection after every step of the manufacturing process ensures that the mouthpiece can be relied upon with confidence. 4C - Helps obtain a well-balanced tone over all octaves. Ideal for professionals and beginners alike. Material: plastic Tip opening: 1.05 mm Facing length: 19 mm

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